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Custom Displays to Stand Out at Exhibits

Exhibitions and trade shows always draw huge crowds because they are a fun way to discover what is new and innovative in just about any industry. Food, electronics, toys, business to business products, recreational vehicles, travel, and time-saving gadgets are just some of the topics presented in annual trade shows. Businesses from the region, country, or international locations bring their best and latest products, services, and concepts to the forefront to capture the attention of the masses.

Grab the Eye

There is so much going on that it is a challenge not to be passed over, confused with the business in the next booth or blended into the dozens or hundreds of other businesses represented. One way to stand out is to capture attention with custom displays that combine design, engineering, and the latest marketing concepts. Business owners can participate in every step of the creative process or let the award-winning professionals at Team One Exhibits present design options based on initial discussions about the business. All the work is completed in-house from the original concept to the final manufacturing so there is no disconnect and satisfaction is guaranteed.


Strong Branding to Impress

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The whole point of investing in custom displays is to impress trade show visitors so they will not forget the business branding. Clever interactive features, stunning graphics, and colors, and functional stands that encourage people to leave with information in-hand will enhance the face-to-face interactions between employees and potential customers. The finished presentation can make the difference between people considering the business and people leaving an order with the business.

Keeping Up to Date

High-quality custom displays, like those created and built by Team One Exhibits, will last for years. Business owners do not have to have new displays made to keep presentations relevant and up to date. Refurbishing and repair services are available to give a fresh look and new life to the existing displays. Custom displays are an investment, so it is well worth the time and money spent to prolong usage.


Proper Care

Another way to prolong the life and look of custom displays is proper care and storage. Portable displays, for example, need to be folded or taken apart completely and stored in the original cases or boxes to avoid creasing, fading, or weakening of the seams at connection points. Stretch fabric panels and media walls must be cleaned and stored according to detailed instructions. Placing display materials in a crowded storeroom or supply closet will cause damage.


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